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Knowing what your body needs in terms of nutrients is a very important step to take in life. Having a nutrition chart will help you to evade so many health problems, ranging from genetic to normal caused problems. Most people who fall victims of the various health problems all through the world are known to lack proper eating plans, which means they do not possess any proper nutrition charts.

A nutrition chart is essential in that one is able to gather all the necessary dietaries together. With a nutrition chart, you will be able to classify all the foods that originate from modern food industries as well as all the foods that are fresh from the market. Most of the processed foods are made of the following: flavors; food colors; artificial food additives; artificial food preservatives; and so on. All the above elements are known to bear various effects on your body. However, having them noted down will alert you on the amounts that you can consume without necessarily facing the side effects.


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Your Nutrition Chart

With a nutrition chart you will be able to note down all the essential nutrients that your diet needs to have in order to be complete. The various important nutrients consist of the following.


  • Carbohydrates are known to be the main source of calories.
  • Carbohydrates are accessible from varied food types.
  • One needs to control his or her carbs intake in that carbs can potentially lead to weight gain problems, such as obesity.
  • One should try and consume at least 100 grams of carbs a day.


  • Proteins are very important in rebuilding and restoration of body tissues and cells.
  • They are usually categorized as complete and incomplete proteins.
  • Complete proteins are made of all the nine essential amino acids, such proteins consist of most of animal foods, including lean meat and eggs.
  • While incomplete proteins are made of foods that have less of the nine amino acids, such may include the following; fruits and vegetables.
  • So, with such knowledge in store, you will be sure on what to include and what not to include in your dietary as far as proteins are concerned.


  • Nutritionally, about fourteen vitamins have been proved to be very essential in the various metabolic processes in the body.
  • Such vitamins include the following: vitamin A; vitamin B1, B2; B6; and B12; vitamin D; vitamin E; vitamin K; vitamin C; niacin; folic acid; biotin; and pantothenic acid.
  • Any deficiencies of the above vitamins may result into some undesired medical disorders.

Other essential items that need to be present in a nutrition chart are: essential body minerals and supplements. People who are overweight and lacking proper nutrition have a higher risk of heart conditions. People who are overweight and lacking proper nutrition have a higher risk of heart conditions.